Leboncoin, a down to earth company


Launched in 2006, leboncoin is now one of the top 5 most consulted websites in France; more specifically, the number 1 website for private sales and the leader in real estate, car sales and job ads markets.

The android app launched in 2012 has already been downloaded more than 12 million times. It is used by more than 1 million unique visitors each day. The quality is not set aside with a rating of 4.24 stars and a crash rate of 99.85% free session.

The IT is agile using Scrum method. Every committed code is reviewed by developers and Jenkins jobs to attest the non-regression. Leboncoin is improving their CI to maximize automation, and to ensure the quality of their releases, they have a QA team composed of dedicated developers and analysts


leboncoin is a subsidiary of Schibsted Media group - an international media group comprised of 6,900 employees in 30 countries. Its strategy to become a global leader is bold. It consists of three elements that work seamlessly together: Classifieds, Growth and Media houses. leboncoin has 26 millions Unique Visitors per month and 800,000 new ads are online everyday. In 2016, the group reached a sales revenue of 214 million euros.

The facilities

The new head office of leboncoin is located in a historic building in the east of Paris. and occupies a total of 5,500 square meters. Built in 1889 - before the BETC agency settled there - it was a department store which then became a detention camp during WWII. “leboncoin” keeps being elected a “Great Place to Work” every year since 2012. There, you never have the same neighbour; whether sitting or standing, alone or in a group, everyone does what they want! The teams enjoy very functional and luminous design spaces with colorful industrial style.

A human company

The goal of the HR department is to show all of its employees with the various perspectives of individual growth. Moreover, the employees of leboncoin can earn international careers with Schibsted media group; they can consider geographical evolutions for mid or long term periods. For 2017, leboncoin is about to hire 160 more people. The company is looking for skilled developers, project and product managers, and sales representatives to help the company remain as the favorite media source for small ads for french people.

Atypical profiles

leboncoin is looking for atypical profiles. Nearly half of the workers are “intraprenors”, individuals who can take a subject and follow through with it. This kind of profile defines a certain type of personality. The person can be 25 or the double that age, recently graduated or without diplomas; the main point is for the individuals be motivated and to share the same values with that of the company.

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